Dr. Ronald Jefferies


Doctor. Ronald. Jefferies. He still couldn’t believe it, even saying
it one word at a time. What once had seemed like an impossible dream
had been accomplished. But he knew successful people don’t only have
one dream, or a terminal one, they have many. Looking back, it would
seem silly to have referred to a young black man in his twenties
becoming a doctor as impossible. There have been thousands of black
doctors around the world for years. Ron realized that in his
circumstances, starting life as a disadvantaged black kid living in
America, that it was improbable that he would reach his dreams, but
not entirely impossible. Impossible implied a definitive
non-occurrence and in science, it’s all about proofs, no such thing as
a disproof.  As a newly-minted member of the scientific doctoral
community, he would need to rebase his use of the word impossible
going forward.


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