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Welcome to The Exodus

 Welcome to the before times; before The Exodus. The first novel in this series is currently under construction by yours truly. Wait, you have no idea who the hell I am or why you should bother reading my posts let alone a book. Well, shut up because it doesn't matter. This is a personal journey I am undertaking but have decided to make many parts of this journey public. I do this partially because I will require some accountability to finish this quest, and partially because I always enjoy good Science Fiction discussion.  When I first started planning this story, I didn't think would be a series. It wasn't until I began to write the first 20-something chapter summaries that I realized how deep the story in my head went and how much writing it would take to tell it the right way. Realizing it would most likely take a trilogy to tell the whole story instantly burdened me with anxiety. The personal goal was to finish a novel manuscript, but three was too much pressure for so

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